"the sanctuary in the forest"

Egmont, british columbia

Camping & Cabins



Skookumchuck, the name of the famous rapids in Egmont, is a Chinook jargon term that directly translates to Strongwater (skookum = strong, chuck = water), hence the name of this place. Skookum is also Canadian slang for really good or cool. And this place is definitely that.”


an inviting Escape

Strongwater Camping and Cabins offers cozy, affordable sleeping cabins and campsites. A great spot to unplug and get away from all the city noise and phones, as there is no cell service in the area.

All of our furry family members are waiting to meet you & our wonderful pig, Jellybean, will be sure to entertain. Just hide your cooler as she is a bit of a thief.

Our sleeping cabins are simple, studio spaces designed to replicate the camping experience, but with warm, comfy beds and a roof over your head. They feature private decks, fire pits, picnic tables, and even a small fridge.

Modern, communal shower/restrooms are centrally located to all cabins.

Our canoe is at the local lake, an 8 minute walk, free of charge. Grab the paddles and explore the nearby islands… or paddle over to our secluded hammock.

Just bring your camping stove!